Fundraising Policy


SFI members operate in a competitive environment and are expected to do so fairly and honestly.

Funding for the SFI is primarily based on membership contributions.  As such, we would like to provide as much flexibility and opportunity for members to arrange, collect and provide funding to the SFI as possible.

While it is viewed as valuable and important that our member companies promote their involvement and participation with the SFI, it is also important that should the promotion of the relationship result in direct revenues to a given member company that those revenues be in turn provided, in part or entirely, to the SFI.

Should a SFI member company choose to raise funds on SFI’s behalf, the strategy, fundraising practices and promotions should be clearly described and presented to the SFI board prior to the initiation of a campaign.

Estimates of anticipated contributions, administrative fees and any requirements of the SFI should be proposed in advance.

The objective is to ensure that SFI member companies are aware of the proposed fundraising strategy and may be encouraged and, in turn, choose to conduct a similar program.  Proactive mitigation of concerns about preferential or competitive advantage gained from SFI association or suitably addressing a view that the amount of revenue generated from a promotion is misrepresented or not well defined to potential contributors is important.

Further, a brief reconciliation of participation, contributions and final donation should be made available to the board on request.

It is to the great benefit of the SFI, its operations and activities that member companies contribute beyond their membership dues.  We welcome new, innovative, or unique proposals to generate funding for the SFI.  At the same time, we want to remain mindful of the competitive setting in which many of our member businesses exist, and would like to ensure that a fair and equitable promotional environment prevails at all times.

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